Welcome to The National Chronic Pancreatitis Support Network site.

We hope you will find our site both educational and inspirational as well as a place to connect with other chronic pancreatitis suffers and caregivers. We invite you to join us on our journey in raising awareness about chronic pancreatitis as well as offering support to those whose lives have been affected by C.P.

Please have a look around, find out how you can help and feel free to contact us with any feedback. We look forward to working together to raise awareness and to inspire new and/or better treatment.

Our Mission:

                   CP Affects all people of all Races and Ages

                   CP Affects all people of all Races and Ages

To raise awareness of Chronic pancreatitis through education, to change how patients with chronic pancreatitis are treated by the medical community and to provide support to those struggling to get medical help or medication

The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach that produces chemicals called enzymes needed to digest food and the hormones insulin and glucagon. When inflammation and scarring of the pancreas occur the organ is no longer able to make the right amounts of these enzymes, and as a result the body may be unable to digest fat and other important parts of food.

Damage to the portion of the pancreas that produces insulin may result in diabetes.